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Benefits of Buying Instagram Story Views

Getting reliable Instagram story views from active users is not an easy task. Stories are time-bound and impressing your audience within the limit of 24 hours is a tough grind. 

It’s estimated that 75% of US businesses will be using Instagram in 2020, and you shouldn’t lag! 

Do you know, consumers appreciate your brand more if they feel that behind the profile there are real and genuine people, who aren’t in it just for the money? That’s the reason stories are more compelling, and even Instagram’s algorithm favors it more. 

When the Instagram algorithm notices that your stories are highly engaging, and it gets attention from both your loyal followers along with new visitors. The algorithm is more likely to recommend it to other users. Isn’t it what we all wish?

You can gain a lot from immense stories views and capture the attention of the targeted audience or increase his popularity. But, as we said, this takes time and demands more effort. You can benefit from buying Instagram story views and save a lot of time. 

We do offer various Instagram stories packages to fit our customer’s needs. You can take a look-see and pick the most suitable package for your account.


What Payment Options are available to Buy IG Story Views?

Our motto is making our payment process as fast and quick as it gets. At Easy Email, we have a smooth-running process in place to provide our customers with secure and safe payment methods. All our online payments are secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). 


We accept multiple and easy to follow payments modes. You can use any prevalent debit or credit card to make your payments. VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Maestro, all these cards are accepted. 

It’s only a question of a few ticks and clicks! Once the payment is made, you will get cheap Instagram story views briefly.

How much time does it take to show the increased number of Instagram Story Views in My account?

At full tilt! We will deliver even before you say “Instagram story views“.

Time waits for no-one, and it’s valid in every sense when we talk about social media success. Time will keep going whether you want it or not. Time is an influential factor that decides your growth or decline on Instagram. After all, no one has the patience to see your story views progress at the speed of a snail? 

We know that! It is the reason we work round the clock to deliver you the Instagram story views at lightning speed. The second you submit your order request with us, we get down to the business and deliver. We earned a name for ourselves, serving our loving customers with immediate delivery.

Is it safe to Buy IG Story Views?

Totally! Beyond any shadow of a doubt. Our platform is designed and built to take care of any security breach or lapses. Your account and other personal details are well protected and safe with us. 

Putting the safety of your Instagram account in harm’s way is not our style of working. The complete process of buy views for Instagram stories is 100% legal and works without any bumps or hiccups whatsoever. Once you decide to try our services, we ensure to assist you from start to finish. 

Our services are reflected by thousands of success stories we managed to carve for our clients. Seems too good to be true. We are not asking you to take our word for it. Take your time and read the reviews left by our delighted customers and settle on a decision.

We have nothing to hide, but everything to boast when it comes to our unparalleled Instagram services—interested in getting more Instagram followers and likes coupled with buy automatic Instagram likes? Click here to pick our exclusive deals.

Are all Instagram Story Views will be from active users?

With Easy Email, you get active or no story views at all. Yes, you are reading it right. We don’t deal or practice any other ways of serving our clients. If you buy story views on Instagram from us, you are bound to get Instagram Story views from 100% real and active users.

We are not like other service providers, who trick their clients into buying Instagram story views from bots and inactive Instagram users. Such tactics can degrade your Instagram engagement ratings and even cost you a penalty from Instagram. Always steer clear of malicious companies and make genuine efforts to do proper research before deciding to buy story views Instagram. 

Only real and active users viewing your Instagram stories can positively increase your engagement. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail. Buy IG story views for Easy Email to save yourself from slipping into the honey trap of fake views. 

But do we guarantee it?

Yes, we do. If you don’t feel what we say, check out a long list of verified customer reviews. Decide for yourself and place your order.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

We pride ourselves in providing quality service at affordable prices.

Don’t believe us? Read our customer reviews below

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I was expecting a lot less and not much of a service but ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Keep up the great work, guys! I recommend this service to everyone“.
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– Rita Bowen

“I can definitely recommend EE Social. In just a few days

I have significantly grown my Instagram account!”
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– Shafa Ahmad

Excellent service, thanks, guys! It really worked for me

gaining followers and engagement, and the delivery was also timely.”
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– Nikolas

“Believe the hype – It works. My concern was

the authenticity of the accounts. So I bought a small number at the start.  Beyond my expectation, they were 100% real and authentic as told. I recommend their services to everyone”.
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– Lena Lambert

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The Ultimate Guide to Buy Instagram Story Views

Benefits of Buying Instagram Story Views for Businesses?

Do you think you are using Instagram stories to boost your business? Are you promoting your brand with Instagram stories?

But first, why should you care about your Instagram stories? Aren’t these stories more for entertainment and less professional? 

Yes, you are right, or maybe not!

Let’s throw in some facts to make you understand what we mean by this. 

About half of Instagram’s monthly users are using Stories. That’s 500 million people posting 1 billion Stories every day. About 62% of those people say they’ve become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in their Stories.

Also, 4 million brands are advertisers on Stories, as of January 2020. What do you think about it now? If you are not seeing the goodness of using Instagram stories, you are losing chances big time. Instagram Stories are not only fun and creative, but they’re one of the best ways to grow your engagement, build brand awareness, and even drive conversions.

Stories are a miraculous tool to humanize your brand, create more interactions, and get on-spot feedback from your target audience. Buying Instagram story views are only going to take your engagement figures to the next level. 

When you buy story views, you are instantly increasing your interactions, boosting your chances to feature on the Explore page and attract a sea of potential customers. Story views are also useful for businesses that want to highlight any event to increase awareness or to promote a feeling of attachment and promoting a positive brand image. Isn’t it compelling and effective at the same time?

Get instant Instagram story views from Easy Email and be at height, ahead of the competition. 

Benefits of Buying Instagram Story Views for People?

Every month, more than a billion people use the Instagram app, 500 million of whom use the Instagram story function every day. So it is understandable that stories capture the attention of Instagram users. Apart from this, Checking Instagram stories is much more comfortable and somehow more entertaining for users. 

More and more influencers are spending their time and effort in creating higher engaging, unique stories. If you want to see yourself as an Instagram influencer and become an instant sensation, story views are the way forward. It is a fabulous way to promote your content through Instagram. Views increase your engagement on Instagram and add value to your promotion campaign. 

You know it already that BIG numbers make a powerful impact on social media. 

If you are still sitting over the fence about its worth, see how our beloved friend Eddie D used this opportunity to reach the peak engagement through Instagram story views.

As we mentioned, Eddie D is our regular customer. He earlier purchased our Instagram services, such as Instagram likes and followers, to give an instant push to his Instagram account. (Interested in checking these services as well? Check the details here).

After seeing stable growth, he approached us again to increase his story views count. He came to buy Instagram highlight views with story views

Now, Eddie D has earned 2-fold followers and engagement rate, since then. 

He is getting more attention from his loyal fan base. He regularly posts Instagram stories with impromptu raps to surprise his audience. 

Eddie D has outranked his competitors with a massive leap. Many brands are picking him for collaborations and endorsements over his rivals. He earns more money than he thought he would when starting his rap career through Instagram.

Jealous? You can get all this for yourself. Buy Instagram story views from Easy Email and start your ride to success now.

How to Buy Real & Cheap Instagram Instagram Story Views?

Easy Email believes exceptional customer service isn’t just satisfying for the consumer; it’s good for the business as well.  In line with this thought, we have made our systems to work as fast as possible and are easy to do the service. 

Check out the simple 3-step process and be in awe of it.

Make an order request 2. Insert your Username 3. Add to Cart & Pay

Anyone can complete this in their sleep.  If you find yourself in soup, hit our customer support to get you through the process.

He considered the following while making a choice:

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Instant Delivery

It is super important to get your order executed instantly. Quite a lot of companies assure you of providing followers quickly,

but that’s a sham. In many cases, the order never gets completed, and your money is down the drain. A reputed and reliable service provider’s systems will be automated. The execution will happen automatically within seconds.
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Reasonable Prices

Of course, the price should be justified. What’s the point of burning a hole in your pocket and then not getting the desired quality? The rates should be affordable and value for money.

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Customer Support

Not every service provider has an excellent customer support team. Usually, people end up sending emails and raising tickets

without getting a response. That’s bad. An efficient customer service team will ensure no question goes unanswered, and no tickets remain unresolved. Did we mention Eddie D came to us to buy his first set of active instagram followers? That says a lot, right?

Well, not to boast, but we have an absolutely clean record of our service. Our customers refer us to others, saying ours is the best website to buy instagram followers. Our automated systems get triggered as soon as an order is placed. Within seconds, the whole process is set into motion. You can check out our wide variety of packages to choose the one that strikes a bell.

Self-praise is no praise. You should check out our Testimonials/User review section to see what our delighted customers say and then let good sense prevail over you.

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