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25 Instagram Comments
Fast Delivery
High Quality Accounts
Spread to multiple posts
Option to get Custom Comments
100% Safe
50 Instagram Comments
Fast Delivery
High Quality Accounts
Spread to multiple posts
Option to get Custom Comments
100% Safe
100 Instagram Comments
Fast Delivery
High Quality Accounts
Spread to multiple posts
Option to get Custom Comments
100% Safe

Forget wasting time on outreach!

EE Social is here to handle all the hard work. Yes, that’s right! We understand how much your time means for you. People racing against time, don’t have much time to waste these days. Every minute, every second means to them and can cost a buck.

We get it! We know the importance of making it to the top in the social media world. That’s why we build our services to deliver in split seconds. The moment you reach us to place an order. We get things moving and provide your Instagram comments in a heartbeat. Just focus on your objective, and what amount of Instagram auto comments you want to see on your posts. That’s it! Let us take it from here and work our charm to make you an Instagram sensation with our services.


Is it possible to Buy Custom Instagram Comments?

Of course!

Seems you are tired of seeing random comments like “Nice”, “amazing stuff”, “great content” on the posts. It puts everyone off, we know. After all, what is the point of spending your money on such worthless comments that can’t lead to more conversations, right?

We got you covered here! Get custom Instagram comments from EE Social to make your comment section exciting and relevant to your content.

Comments play a massive part in enhancing your social proof. Not just for interactions. People consider taking a peek at comments before even looking at the main content. Other people’s reaction is a great motivator informing one’s perception.

Let us tell you, comments are hard to get. Especially the genuine ones. But, the good news is, EE Social is here to your rescue. You can expect high-quality service when it comes to offering custom comments from us.

Is it safe for my privacy to Buy IG comments?

Your privacy, you’re in charge.

FLEE THE SCENE then and there, if any agency tells you otherwise. They have no right to ask you for your confidential information. Besides, it is not even required.

Any company providing real comments knows how to deliver it without barging in your Instagram profile. Real comments should be delivered like they are meant to be. You tell us, do you need to login into another person’s profile when you post a comment on their posts? Never, right?

So, why would you give your password to any third person to get genuine comments? It doesn’t make any sense, no?

Let’s rehash it, STAY AWAY from such service providers. Simple!

Are all Instagram comments will be from active users?

Exactly! Only active users participate in posting authentic comments.

Didn’t we say when you buy Instagram comments from us, you only get real comments from active accounts?

You must have known till now that all companies that say they provide genuine and authentic services don’t always do that.  Some, maybe most agency only prey on you for money. They make empty promises, not meant to fulfil. Here’s why we want you to be ALERT and make good use of your senses.

Your comment section gives it all away. It can build or ruin your image in seconds. People love interactions, and it can humanise your profile and add a flare of human connection.

A ‘bot-looking’ comment section discourages real people from engaging with your content. An uninteresting comment section messes with your engagement rate and hence your chance of moving up the ladder.

So take extra precaution to make most out of it. ALWAYS aim for service, which can provide custom comments for Instagram. 

Can I buy Instagram comments from the USA?

You bet!

If you are an American business, artist, influencer or public figure, attracting a location-based audience can prove to be beneficial for your Instagram account. Comments from USA located accounts may provide the jump-start you always wished

Forget those random, stupid comments that seem to have been written by foreigner users. Get relevant and engaging from the USA based users who are genuinely interested in your content. Don’t you think it will have a better impact if you buy comments from people in your target area?

How many Comments can I buy?

All you please!

The brake is in your hands. We made our packages flexible bearing in mind the unique needs of people. We don’t like to restrict our customers as per our terms. You can order a large number of Instagram comments if you are looking for broader reach or a small bunch to test our services first.

We like to see your clients do all right for themselves at the pace they deem suitable. That is why we created our platform, packages and exceptional service to offer you the service of purchasing Instagram comments and achieve your IG goals much faster.

Are the IG comments delivered instantly?

That is correct!

The fact is simple! In today’s competitive world, no one wants to be left behind. And, if you keep your clients waiting and can’t deliver the services in one stroke. Boy, one shouldn’t expect their business to survive for long.

We know this, and keep our systems designed on the same idea. Instant delivery of services is the need of every business, especially on Instagram, where people go viral in the nick of time.

So, take it easy!

The moment you place your order with us and provide your Instagram username, our service will kick off and start delivering comments on your posts instantly.

How do I customize the comments?

That’s pretty basic!

Reach out to us with your list of custom comments or tell us, what sort of comments you would like to see on your posts, we will follow up with it.

Customizing your comments is an excellent social media marketing tool. Some relevant and interesting comments on your post can urge many real users to jump in the conversations too.

No one wants to stay at a dead spot, right? Everyone loves a happening place, where one interaction leads to many thousand people sharing their point of views.

This is how buying Instagram comments work. You can also start a conversation and turn it into conversion for your Instagram growth. Buy comments on Instagram from EE Social and let us do our thing.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

We pride ourselves in providing quality service at affordable prices.

Don’t believe us? Read our customer reviews below

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“Finally, a website that actually works to buy followers.

Thank you for the amazing job”.
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– Sheryl

“I can definitely recommend EE Social. In just a few days

I have significantly grown my Instagram account!”
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– Shafa Ahmad

Excellent service, thanks, guys! It really worked for me

gaining followers and engagement, and the delivery was also timely.”
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– Nikolas

“Believe the hype – It works. My concern was

the authenticity of the accounts. So I bought a small number at the start.  Beyond my expectation, they were 100% real and authentic as told. I recommend their services to everyone”.
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– Lena Lambert

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Comments

Benefits of buying Instagram comments

Instagram comments are a big deal, my friend!

Whether you agree or not, comments help to create a buzz around your content. Even Likes, comments, and video views together create value on Instagram as they influence where your posts sit in the feed. Also, your posts can make its ways to the Explore Tab if a lot of people interact with your posts.

The number of comments on your posts increases the worth of your content instantly. Many brands today crack jokes and aren’t afraid to talk to their followers like they would with their friends.

Why would they do that? Why do they go overboard to start interactions?

The reason is simple! This adds character to their otherwise robot-ish profiles.

People crave human interactions. It makes them feel important to you. Once you start the conversion going around and people engage with it, there is no going back. A surge in comments fuels your engagement rate in no time.

Not to forget, buying real Instagram comments also help you get ahead of the competition. As you are attracting an influx of audience to your account, you are stealing your competitor’s fans and business.

Won’t you want to tap into the power of interactions, aka Instagram comments?

Yes? You can check our variety of Instagram quality services such as Instagram followers, likes and comments to add different layers of activity to your account.

EE Social – Best Website to Purchase Instagram Comments

There is no scarcity of services to get Instagram comments free or even paid. We bet, most of these Instagram marketers fall on the murkier side of social media. To save yourself from unpleasant surprises and to get your Instagram account suspended, we urge you to pay heed to find reputable companies (read ‘us’).

With a little attentive research, you can easily find the best website to buy Instagram comments in no time at all.

Yes, you read it correctly. Watch out for these features in any services you wish to buy.

Real high-quality Comments

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to find agencies that can offer real quality comments.

  Why would you want to spend money on a bunch of bot followers? Isn’t it similar to burning outright your cash?
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Instant Delivery

No one wants to wait for getting services after paying for it. A reputable service provider can’t afford

to make their customers waiting. We ensure that no time is wasted to deliver our services.
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Privacy Protection Guarantee

User privacy is a serious matter, and any company should provide privacy protection at all cost.

No password is required to pad your account with real comments. So be aware of it. 
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Customer Stories and Reviews

The best way to locate the best service provider is by checking its customer’s testimonials. 

  Make sure you check the customer responses and reviews on the website to gauge their authenticity.
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Affordable Prices

A good company keeps its rates competitive to target more business. Prices should always

be justified and provide value for money.
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Consistent customer support

Any business cannot survive with an average or ZERO customer support. It is a mark of fraud

 if their customer service is substandard.

You know that you are in good hands if it fulfills all the above criteria at the best of their potential. Otherwise, make a quick exit and keep your search on (until you stumble upon our services).

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How to Buy Real Instagram Comments From Active Users?

It is an understatement if we tell you that customer experience matters to us.

In reality, it is the backbone of our work and services. As a result, we have built a system to offer the easiest and quickest way to buy real Instagram comments from active users.

Want to see how?

A simple 3-step process is all you need to follow.

  1. Place an order
  2. Fill in Your Username
  3. Get ready to rise and shine

It is like a walk in the park to Instagram success. We have a friendly support team available round the clock for you. In case you face any trouble placing an order, ring us up.

IG comment Services Feedback – EE Social

Did we mention our dear Eddie D? We guess you recognise him by now.

He first brought 5000 followers from us, and then, seeing his steady growth, he decided to buy Instagram comments and likes for us. This instant push elevated this Instagram progress and made him a local celebrity. His rap videos gained more popularity due to this initial jerk in the form of enhanced visibility. Now, he has many collaborations and endorsements under his belt.

He keeps approaching us for more assistance whenever he needs it. He recommends our services to every rising new talent.

We are not asking you to go by our words. Check out the customer review section to know what customers are saying about us. We believe testimonials have 100x more power than us praising our services. (that we love to do, by the way, because we work hard for it)

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