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Is it Safe to Buy Active and Real Instagram Followers?

Even a high-quality and engaging post can fail to meet its target. You can still lack a solid customer reach even after adding amazing and valuable content to your profile. If this is happening, it’s high time to buy active Instagram followers. It is completely safe when you rely on us for the same.

Buy real Instagram followers and overcome the stark competition you may be experiencing. Pick any of our best-priced plans and prepare to stand out in the crowd with genuine followers.


I did not receive my order, what do I do now?

Do not worry about it. First, check these two essentials:

  • Make sure that your Instagram profile is public.
  • Cross-check your Instagram username with the one that you have mentioned on our website.

If everything is perfect, and it is still not working, don’t panic.

Due to any unforeseen circumstances, your order can get stuck. You can approach us. We have a team of experts who will help you with this. All you have to do is give us a call, the expert assigned to you will check your order’s status. They will ensure that you receive your order as you desired. Sometimes due to technical issues, some transactions get delayed.

But, you do not need to take any pain. EE Social is here at your service!

You are only a few minutes away from growing your followers on Instagram. Just think about taking one big jump towards becoming the next big Instagram celebrity. Rest leave it to us. We are, by far, the best website to buy Instagram followers. So chances of not getting what you paid for are almost negligible.

Why are my followers dropping?

We can fix that. Though we provide quality followers that obey Instagram guidelines, sometimes followers do unfollow accounts. Tell us, haven’t you unfollowed someone’s account? We all do.

If you are witnessing a drop, that is temporary. Once our system detects the plunge, it will reinstate the numbers again. We know you love to see your followers rise and only rise. Watching them drop can be a little annoying. But this is why we are here.

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers to make sure the followers we offer are long-lasting. Keep your worries aside, and without hesitation, buy active Instagram followers from EE Social. Check our daily drip feed Instagram followers service, if you wish to increase your followers count each day.

Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

Absolutely, yes! We understand you might feel a little doubtful about buying followers on Instagram. That is natural.

But, we ask you to keep your doubts at bay! Buying followers on Instagram is 100% safe and secure. Don’t believe us? Then check out our customer’s review to make up your mind. We would not be surprised if you find our customer showering love for being the safest site to buy Instagram followers on us.

Where can I buy real Instagram followers?

If you are looking for the best sites for buying Instagram followers, you found us. Your search ends here. We have a history of launching Instagram accounts to stardom. We give a boost to Influencers with almost zero followers, zero engagement, and turn their page around. Unlike our rivals, we don’t give false hopes.

With us being an Instagram Star won’t remain an elusive desire. We deliver what we promise.

Give us a chance, Pal! You will not regret a single dime spent on our services in the future.

How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?

Well, that depends upon your need. You can buy Instagram followers cheap as low as $1.

We have a variety of packages on our website. Our products are super cost-effective and cut to fit the user’s wish. We boast of being the best place to buy active Instagram followers at affordable prices.

You can choose any package you like and order them as many times you want. If you desire a wider reach, go for Instagram packages with bigger followers count. As simple as that!

How do I get 10K followers?

We can help you! Now that you know there is nothing wrong with buying followers on Instagram, it’s time to strategize how to get 10K followers. 

  • Buy Instagram followers for the initial ignition from an honest agency (read ‘US’)
  • Aim to boost your engagement rate along with followers.
  • Make gaining organic followers your goal.
  • Utilize relevant hashtags
  • Promote your post on social media
  • Keep your interactions genuine and use the call to action to encourage more people to engage with your content.

If you wish to get more followers on Instagram, you can use this strategy with external help from us. All you need to do is find the best site to buy real Instagram followers, and we are here to help.

Is it illegal to buy followers on Instagram?

No way, this should not even be of any concern with EE Social. You must be thinking, why shouldn’t it?

Because we take customer’s security seriously. So much so that we have gathered the best of the people regularly update our systems to be in line with Instagram’s terms and conditions. If you have any doubts, you can check the reviews of our loyal customers.

Eddie D also used to think at first that if you buy Instagram followers, you will violate the terms of use. But, when we assured him and explained how our services work, he readily agreed to go. Now he is in our list of happy customers and enjoying the well-deserved fame on Instagram.

How often does replenishment occur?

You would be surprised to know that you do not need to even think about it when you use our service. We are not like our most competitors. We follow white hat practices in all our services. When you buy real Instagram followers from EE Social, we provide active followers only.

All your followers will be real people. So, most of the time, your followers will not drop drastically.

However, when it does, our system detects a drop. It will instantly replenish the followers as per the services you purchased. You can always check the status of your followers. If you find any discrepancies, you have us by your side.

We will resolve your issue within no time. Drop us a line whenever you visit our website to buy Instagram followers and face any obstacle.

How many Instagram followers can I buy?

As many as you wish, we know every person wants to get the maximum number of followers. But, their needs differ depending upon their business goals and price of the services. You can conveniently check our list of all the packages at different rates and buy active Instagram followers. You can pick the number you wish to see on your account.

If you are in two minds, you can follow the steps of Eddie D. Purchase Instagram followers from EE Social in the quantity you need first. Eddie D purchased 5K Instagram followers from us first. When he saw his Instagram growth only with followers, he gave his Instagram an all-round boost. Seeing the engagement rate increasing, he bought Instagram likes and comments as well.

Eddie D is now witnessing exponential growth with our dope services. Won’t you want to replicate what Eddie D did?

What are the payment methods to buy real Instagram followers?

We accept all the prevalent credit and debit cards issued by Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard. Being the trusted site to buy Instagram followers, we assure that your data is secure with EE Social. Our payment system is robust and complies with the latest PCI DSS standards. We don’t store any of your Payment or personal information on our servers. 

Still, if you face difficulties while making Payment, we are here to help. Also, ensure to ask the customer support about our featured services such as high-quality automatic Instagram likes. It will help you boost Instagram posts with a consistent flow of Instagram likes.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

We pride ourselves in providing quality service at affordable prices.

Don’t believe us? Read our customer reviews below

Rated ★★★★★ by 5,972 reviews.

Check out our latest reviews!

“Finally, a website that actually works to buy followers.

Thank you for the amazing job”.
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– Sheryl

“I can definitely recommend EE Social. In just a few days

I have significantly grown my Instagram account!”
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– Shafa Ahmad

Excellent service, thanks, guys! It really worked for me

gaining followers and engagement, and the delivery was also timely.”
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– Nikolas

“Believe the hype – It works. My concern was

the authenticity of the accounts. So I bought a small number at the start.  Beyond my expectation, they were 100% real and authentic as told. I recommend their services to everyone”.
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– Lena Lambert

The Ultimate Guide to Buy Instagram Followers

In this fast-paced world, everyone is racing. Racing to be famous and rich! Everyone wants to stand out of the crowd and be a SOMEBODY from a nobody. They want people to recognize their faces across the globe. They want to be as famous as this dialogue “Hasta la vista, baby.” Right, no?

Thanks to technology, that isn’t a distant dream anymore. One of the biggest platforms to garner that kind of popularity is Instagram. It is super easy to use, crazily powerful, and it can turn you into an influencer (read celebrity) in no time. Who doesn’t want to look good, take selfies, make awesome videos, share them on Instagram, and get paid for it?

Haven’t you dreamed about that lush life always?

If that thought still lingers on you, then you have landed at the right place, my friend! EE Social can help you by giving a kick-ass start on your stardom journey.

Don’t believe us? Well, let us introduce you to Eddie D. Hear his story and decide for yourself.

This is Edward. An average American teenager who wants to showcase his rap music to the world. His friends call him Eddie D. He opened an Instagram account hoping his fame would reach across the globe. However, he could only get 110 people from friends and family to follow him. Disappointed and heartbroken, he came to us. We waved our wand, and within no time, he had 5000 people following him. And there was no looking back for him.

Curious to know what magic we did? Well, we simply added real active Instagram followers to his account to give that initial boost that he needed. The content that he shared was liked by them, and hence they started engaging.

It’s human psychology, people follow the herd. Once they see others interacting or following you, they will join in the tide and do the same. It’s a matter of just an initial push that we provide. You can buy real IG followers from us and get the people following you in minutes.

Why is buying followers a good idea?

We are sure you are familiar with Eddie D by now.

He came to us to Purchase 5000 active Instagram followers. This instant boost in followers gave his Instagram a jump start. He started sharing his rap videos and cool pictures. The real Instagram followers loved the content. They started engaging with it more actively, and soon he was able to attract more followers. That is the domino effect. He began to grab more eyeballs and ended up getting a collaboration with the local radio station to host a special rap program.

The point is, your talent goes waste if it is not recognized by the world. EE Social puts some spotlight on you to make you shine a bit brighter than others.

Buying Instagram followers is not a problem. It never was. The issue is with buying Instagram followers cheap and ending up with a bunch of bots.  If you do some looking around and buy active and real IG followers, then it will be a different ball game.

Unlike bot accounts that are dead and never engage with your content, our high-quality followers are real accounts of real people who actively like, share, and interact with your content.

We have helped thousands of people climb up the social pyramid and ensure none of them gets substandard service.

Buy real Active Instagram Followers with Instant Delivery

Yes, it’s true! We understand how impatient one can get when it comes to getting active followers in their account to get an inch closer to their goal. People live their life in the fast lane these days and lack patience. Hence we don’t keep anyone waiting. 

The moment you buy real Instagram followers from us, our spell will begin to work. Real and active followers get delivered in your account at lightning speed. You have to make up your mind to decide which package to buy from the array of choices available according to your objective. Once that is done, rest is a piece of cake. You can click here to cut the crap and take a shortcut to Purchase the real deal!

If you want to become a star instantly, consider giving your Instagram account an all-round boost. Learn more about our other exclusive services to get Instagram comments and Instagram likes for your posts. 


Boost Your Engagement with Active Instagram Followers

We all know how awesome Instagram is to reach your potential audience. It is human nature to want to fit in, but on Instagram, everyone wants to stand out. You want more people to find you and engage with your content. 

No one wants to be average on Instagram. We don’t wish you to strive for the ordinary. EE Social wants you to reach for the stars and become an Instagram unicorn. A digital unicorn is a magical creature that outshines all others on the Instagram space. 

Let us tell you that it’s a piece of the pie if you know where to start. It’s a master’s initial push that can take you to heights you never imagined before. EE Social can help you buy cheap Instagram followers in a blink of an eye. Once you have the number that intrigues other visitors, the pack mentality does the trick. 

If you don’t know it already, people get influenced by their peers to adopt similar behaviours on a primarily emotional basis. Numbers will convert in more real and active followers. It is how you get work. More people will start interacting, following, and sharing your content. 

Voila! We have our Instagram starlet that you wanted to be.


How to buy Cheap Instagram followers?

Buying followers on Instagram is a piece of cake. All you have to do is follow the simple process of CDP.

Choose the package —– Enter your Details —– Make Payment.

And you are sorted!

Even a kid around your block will be able to do that. If you cannot find a suitable package, you can always hit up the customer support, and they will make sure you go back pleased. So why wait? Reach to the best place to buy real Instagram followers (it is ‘US’) and make your mark in the Instagram world.

Why increase your number of Instagram Followers?

“To get popular.”

“To be famous.”

“To get brand collaborations.”

“To be a celebrity.”

If you read between the lines, all this boils down to MONEY and freebies! Sorry for being blunt, but isn’t that the reality? Once you decide TO BE on Instagram, you make it an obsession to get as many followers as possible. The Instagram algorithm is written to favor the accounts that have more followers and engagement. That simply means people like what you post, and your content is relevant. It can also place you on the explorer page. That is a big deal, my friend! Your content will have the potential to reach 10x the audience, and it can even go viral. 

Increasing your followers on Instagram helps in building your reputation and making you look more influential. If you maintain an excellent follower-engagement ratio, you are likely to land up with collaborations with brands. Influencers on Instagram act as local celebrities, which enables the companies to penetrate the market. You can be that star for them.

Which site is best to buy Instagram Followers?

There are a plethora of websites that offer instagram followers cheap. They would attract you with those heavily discounted prices and make fake promises of providing quality services. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT HONEY-TRAP! Phew!! Let us tell you why.

The majority of the service providers fuel your account with bot and inactive profiles. Having those in your account is more of a liability than an asset. The proportion of the follower-engagement ratio will be messed up, which will lower your profile weightage. You don’t want to be that naive. Do you? 

Let’s see how Eddie D decided the best site to Purchase real Instagram followers.

Eddie is a pretty rational guy with good judgment power.

He considered the following while making a choice:

follow icon

High-quality and real followers

We can’t stop emphasizing how important it is to buy real and active instagram followers. Make sure the site you choose offers

  you the real thing and not just anything.
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instant icon

Instant Delivery

It is super important to get your order executed instantly. Quite a lot of companies assure you of providing followers quickly,

but that’s a sham. In many cases, the order never gets completed, and your money is down the drain. A reputed and reliable service provider’s systems will be automated. The execution will happen automatically within seconds.
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privacy icon

Customer Privacy

The automated systems are straightforward, and they do not require any confidential information like your password to execute

the service. The whole process is more like any random account following you by itself.
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multiple icon

Multiple options

Any sensible site will provide its customer with a variety of options to choose from. You can buy targeted followers, purchase female followers,

or go for location-specific followers. You can also choose to buy a mixed bag of followers, likes, and comments.
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price icon

Reasonable price

Of course, the price should be justified. What’s the point of burning a hole in your pocket and then not getting the desired quality?

The rates should be affordable and value for money.
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support icon

Customer Support

Not every service provider has an excellent customer support team. Usually, people end up sending emails and raising tickets

without getting a response. That’s bad. An efficient customer service team will ensure no question goes unanswered, and no tickets remain unresolved. Did we mention Eddie D came to us to buy his first set of active instagram followers? That says a lot, right?

Well, not to boast, but we have an absolutely clean record of our service. Our customers refer us to others, saying ours is the best website to buy instagram followers. Our automated systems get triggered as soon as an order is placed. Within seconds, the whole process is set into motion. You can check out our wide variety of packages to choose the one that strikes a bell.

Self-praise is no praise. You should check out our Testimonials/User review section to see what our delighted customers say and then let good sense prevail over you.

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