How to Add a Link to Instagram Story?

  1. How to Add a Link to Instagram Story

You have no idea how to add a link in Instagram Story? Let’s find out how to do it.

Instagram Stories are a fantastic way to engage with your followers and create new leads. One of the best advantages Instagram stories have over Feed posts is that you can add links.

As we all know, Instagram post captions aren’t clickable. It lacks the ease and convenience of landing on the website or any other page instantly with a single click.

The answer to this is to add a link in the Instagram story.

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story?

If you are an Instagram buff, you’ve probably seen other brand accounts flaunting products and services through links in their Instagram stories. And when you go to your profile to schedule the same for your brand, this option doesn’t exist.

We know it is frustrating, but it’s okay. You are not alone.

It means you are not eligible to have this feature at your disposal yet!

However, if you are lucky and already have 10,000+ followers or a verified account adding a link to your Instagram Story is super easy. Here’s what to do:

  • Take a photo, or upload an image to your Story.


  • In the Story editor, tap the link icon on the top of the screen (the chain icon).


  • Click + URL,


  • Type in the URL of the website you want to link to it.


  • Tap “Done” on the upper right corner of the screen.

Once you post your story, the viewers could follow the link by swiping up on the screen.

Wondering how this Instagram story link swipe up will benefit you and your brand?

Benefits of Adding Links in Instagram Story

It’s no hidden secret that Instagram stories engage millions of people because of the spontaneity it adds to your brand stories. Instagram swipe up is incredibly useful because it allows businesses to promote products, blog posts and sign up pages. These pages open right in the app for users to explore as well.

These are the sure-shot benefits to link something on the Instagram story:

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Want to promote a recent blog post? Craft a visual graphic of your blog post and share it on your Instagram story with the swipe up link to get more social traction to your content.

Promote Your Products or Services

Another great benefit of adding a link to the Instagram story is that you can promote your product or services through the story. You can urge them to swipe up to purchase it directly.

Increase in Sales

When you make the purchase process easy and accessible, it is natural to drive more sales than usual. People love their comfort zone, and the clickable Instagram story link is just about that.

Build Engagement

Having a link to land on the relevant blog post and website is an easy way to build more engagement and connect with your followers. You can use this opportunity to divert your traffic to your website and engage with them to build a stronger bond.

Why Would Instagram Impose Such a Restriction?

Instagram exists for business and profits as any other social media platform. Probably, it chooses to restrict the user from drifting away from their app.

Think it this way, if you click on the link provided you’re exiting the Instagram app. Instagram has limited the options so that they don’t lose the user. Apart from it, you can add a link in the Bio section only. Links inserted in the captions or comments get posted as just plain text (not clickable).

By restricting, Instagram can increase the engagement level of users within the app.
It’s a rather smart move, gauging the popularity of the app.

Alternative Options to Posting Links on Instagram

There are some alternative options available if you want to link the website to Instagram Story and are not eligible to do it.

Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

As we already mentioned, Instagram allows you to share the website link or any other link in your profile bio section. You can add ‘Link in the Bio’ in your post captions and redirect your audience to check your website by clicking the link.

Add Links In Instagram Direct Message

Instagram allows you to post links on DMs. Use this opportunity to your benefit and engage with your audience. Encourage them to send a DM for enquiries about the product or service you are promoting via stories and posts. Provide the lick there and drive them to your website.


When you provide a link in Instagram Story, you can create a better user experience for your audience. It helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level and reduces the drop rate because it minimises the steps to get conversions.

If you aren’t able to use this feature, don’t worry about it. Try to use the features available for you now and build your audience by posting engaging content. Interested in increasing your followers count to 10k+ followers? Buy Instagram followers to expand your reach and enable the link feature in Instagram Stories. Apart from active followers, you can also buy real Instagram comments to increase engagement on Instagram posts. Check out exclusive services to give your Instagram account an instant boost.


Q: Why isn’t there a link button on my Instagram story?
A: You can not add a link to your Story in three scenarios.
Your follower count is lesser than 10,000.
You’re not verified
You don’t have a business account.

Q: How many Stories should I post in a day?
A: You could post 5-10 stories a day to keep your followers engaged throughout the day. Try to experiment with the number and notice the response you are getting from your followers. Fewer stories can make them forget you, and too many of them can lead to getting unfollowed.

Q: Can you make an Instagram Story stay less than 24 hours?
A: Unfortunately, you can not set your Instagram Stories to stay lesser than 24 hours. But you can delete them manually before they expire on their own.

Q: How do you see someone’s Instagram story after 24 hours?
A: The only way to see someone’s Instagram Story past 24 hours is checking it in Instagram Story Highlight (only if they have added it to them).

Q: What percentage of followers watch Instagram stories?
A: On average, 4% to 44% of the followers watch the stories of business or personal brand accounts.