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Don’t know how to reset password on Instagram? Don’t sweat it! You can easily change your password within a few seconds and recover your account.

Entering the search query, “I forgot my Instagram password”, in Google is already frustrating and not getting clear-cut answers fuel that frustration even more.

We can feel your pain. You have come across the right post to get a proper resolution.

Here is a complete rundown on your Instagram account’s safety and how to secure your account form shams and hackers.

Let’s cut right to it!

How to Change Instagram Password

How to Change Instagram Password

Instagram Profile Security Checklist

We know, Instagram is an excellent App to share your special moments in the form of photos, videos and stories, but it could also risk your privacy at times. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. It just needs a few clicks to protect your account for any online frauds and cyber-crimes.

Make your account private:

If you are not a public figure and want to avoid unwanted public gaze, just set your Instagram account’s privacy to private.

Go to your Instagram profile window >Swipe to the left >  tap the Settings gear icon >  Privacy > Account Privacy> Toggle on Private account.

Block/restrict/report specific followers:

If someone is annoying or giving you a hard time on Instagram, you can choose to restrict/block/report that person.

Go to their profile > tap the three horizontal dots beside their name > Tap Report/restrict/block (as you may wish).

Turn-on two-factor authentication:

Worried if someone has access to your password, and will log in to your account? Choose two-factor authentication for your account. That allows you to get a text message with verification code to complete the login process.

Go to Setting > Security > Two-factor Authentication > Toggle on Text Message or Authentification App as per your preferences.

Prevent third-party Apps from getting your data:

If you wish to restrict your personal information from third party Apps or companies that have access to your account, go to profile window > Swipe left > tap on Settings gear > Security > Apps and Websites > active (it will show the active apps that have access to your account info) > Revoke Access.

Check if someone has hacked your account:

If you suspect someone has access to your account, you can check your account activity, logins-logouts, devices, etc. quickly.

Go to Settings > Security > Access Data. Here, you can find every information about your account.

Found suspicious activities on your Instagram account? Yes?

That leads us to our next segment, the steps you should take if someone hacked your Instagram account.

Keep reading to know!

Initial Steps When your IG Password is Hacked

If you have checked the Instagram account details and think that your IG account is hacked, you can take these actions to secure your account immediately.

Check your email account for a message from Instagram.

If you have received an email suggesting that your account has been hacked or your account password is changed, then you can undo this by using the revert this change option in that message.

Get a login link sent to your email address or phone number.

Go to the Sign-in page of Instagram and tap ‘Get help signing in’  or ‘Forgot password’.

Choose either your email address or phone number to have the login link sent to, and then tap Next.

You will receive an email with the Login link. Follow the instructions shown on the screen to change your Instagram password.

If you are unable to recover your account with this, then.

Report your account to Instagram

Go to the Sign-in page of Instagram and tap ‘Get help signing in’  or ‘Forgot password’.

Tap on Need more help and follow the required steps visible on your screen to verify your identity.

Step-by-Step Instagram Password Change Process

Whether you have accidentally logged out, wanted to use your Instagram account on another device or someone hacked into your account, sometimes you merely can’t help forgetting your password. It is even more difficult if you haven’t used your password to login for a long time.

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Wondering how to find your Instagram password/recover the Instagram password? Or looking for detailed instructions on ‘how to change my Instagram password’?

We got you covered!

Follow these simple steps.

In case you forgot your current password:

First, open the Instagram app.

On the login screen, tap Get help signing in below ‘Log In’.

Select Use Username or Email, Send an SMS or Log In with Facebook.

Enter your information and follow the instructions on your screen.

If you remember your current password:

Start the App

Tap on the Profile Icon

Swipe left to get the Settings icon

Tap on Settings gear, then Security

Tap on Security option,

Now, enter your current password and type the new password

And you are sorted!

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How Many Times Can I Change My Insta Password?

It’s a terrible feeling when you try to log in to Instagram and realize you forgot your password or notice suspicious activities on your account. And you just recently changed your password sometime back.

You must be thinking, “Would I be able to change my Instagram password again?”

Why not! You can change IG password any number of times during any course of time. There is no restriction or limit for that on Instagram.

We have already discussed the steps on “How can I change my Instagram password?”.

Follow the above instructions, and you should be able to reset and change your password in just a few minutes.