How to Get More SoundCloud Plays?

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Founded in 2007, SoundCloud is one of the popular music-streaming services in the world. With over 76 million monthly users online, Soundcloud is the best platform to find listeners for budding and established artists alike. Many artists have launched their careers with the popularity they gained through Soundcloud. However, with the ease of access comes the killer competition you will find on the platform.

It isn’t that easy to grab the attention of millions of people by only putting your tracks on the platform. You need to have a decent fan base to get noticed by more people. Promotion of your music is a vital aspect that you can’t afford to miss. Today, we will discuss some of the top SoundCloud promotion strategies to help you with it.

With the help of these promotion strategies, you can increase the number of plays on your SoundCloud tracks and build a solid fan base. So, what are we waiting for now?

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Let’s get straight into it!

Create Great Music

There is no alternative to the quality of work you put out in the world. No matter the effort you put into its promotion, if it’s not exciting enough for listeners, it won’t get the attention you wish. No one wants to listen to an average piece of music. So always try to create great music that your audience will enjoy. If your songs are not getting attraction even after promotion, ask for feedback from your audience and see where you’re lacking. Next time, follow their feedback and compose a better version for them. Keep working on improving the quality of your songs by taking care of all the aspects of creating your music and recording.

Capitalize on the Existing Audience

There are hundreds of people out there who have more audience than you. Not just Soundcloud, several other social media channels have broader audiences. Find Soundcloud channels that can repost your music. There are plenty of features on Soundcloud that can help you reach more people. Search for repost channels, other artists with vast followings, promotional SoundCloud channels, and playlists to get your song featured. You can also approach other people on different social media to share your music. Only remember to find a suitable fit for your music.

Make Your Music Searchable

If you haven’t noticed, you can find the Discover Tab on Soundcloud that lets people discover the track of their choice. People can search for the song they wish to hear using this tab. It helps new audiences to find your music. But only if you’re using the metadata right. Consider putting the relevant information right about your track. You can name your soundtrack appropriately, add a description, put relevant track tags, choose the accurate genre tags. If you use these metadata tags correctly, people even can find your tracks on Google and other search engines.

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Buy Authentic Plays

Chances are you already know about spending money to buy SoundCloud plays. It’s one of the best and convenient ways to boost the number of SoundCloud plays on your tracks. For a few thousand SoundCloud plays on your tracks, you can enhance your track’s visibility and make them appear more popular than the rest of your competitors. Several companies are out there in the market that offers authentic plays for your Soundcloud songs. But focus more on the word ‘authentic’ here. Finding the best place to buy SoundCloud downloads is crucial as many companies only deliver fake Soundcloud plays that can put your Soundcloud channel at risk.

Promote Your Music Across-platforms

Another excellent strategy to get more listeners for your songs is to approach your following on other social media platforms. Sharing your Soundcloud tracks on different networks can help you find a border audience. Share all of your new soundtracks on promotion platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You never know how many people can find your soundtrack enjoyable and worth sharing with their connections. Sharing your songs on these platforms makes it easier for more people to listen to your music and share it on their social networks.

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Offer Free Downloads

If you’re a newbie on the platform offering a few of your tracks for free will give many new listeners a chance to hear them. It will help you build your audience and keep them coming for more. Most people jump right to the free stuff, and once you allow them to listen to a few of your tracks for free, they would listen. Only ensure not to go overboard with it. Try not to share all your songs for free download. If people like your free tracks, chances are they would be willing to pay for your other soundtracks. Use the opportunity to your advantage and get more plays with it.

Try Building a Mail List

Email marketing is one of the safest and efficient marketing tools that you can use to get your song heard as soon as it releases. It lets you find your core audience and ensures that your new soundtrack reaches them instantly. You can download online services like ToneDen to gather the email list of people. Once you have an email list, find an email marketing service to send a mail about your new song.

How to Get More SoundCloud Plays?

SoundCloud is an incredible platform to reach new audiences. It has helped millions of artists to increase their presence on social media platforms and get viral with great songs. This website lets you promote your music individually without depending on a label or PR agency to release your songs and market them. As a result, it also draws a lot of competition that you need to surpass to become successful on the platform.

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Using the above tips will help you promote your songs on the platform and get more plays. If you are a beginner, you can approach a reputable company to buy SoundCloud plays cheaply. But, don’t compromise on the quality of your music. Make sure it wins the hearts of the people and excites them to keep listening to more of your songs.

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