How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2021? (New Trick)

  1. How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2020
  2. How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2020

Looking to increase your Instagram followers count? Instagram is the right place for brands of all shapes and sizes to gain exposure and popularity. But, growing an engaged and loyal audience on this app is no easy game.

If you have ended up clicking on this post, we assume that you care about growing your Instagram account. Every marketer or individual small business wants a definitive answer to how to increase followers on Instagram fast?

Don’t you want to be Instafamous?

Of course, you do. That’s why you’re here!

How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2020

How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2021

Benefits of Increasing Organic Instagram Followers

We all know the outreach of Instagram and how relevant it is to new and established businesses alike. Why wouldn’t it?

Beyond everything, over 1 billion active users and more than 500 million users engage with it daily. Like the real world, more Instagram followers mean more attention, which means more business and popularity.

We have been doing Instagram marketing for many years and tested an absurd amount of different tactics to grow accounts. So we know of which we speak when it comes to Instagram marketing.

Alright! As now to have enough idea about the benefits of getting real followers on Instagram?’, let’s head over to the actual tricks.

Ways to Boost Your IG followers

Make Your Profile Attractive

Customising your Instagram profile to make it look appealing and attractive is an instant head-turner. As you will explore your niche, you will find some successful accounts that have formatted the bios.

It is a subtle means of saying, “Hey! stare at us. We are unique and amazing.” Think of your Instagram bio as your storefront + business card.

Use it to tell what your brand stands for and keep your posts consistent with creating a cohesive grid and aesthetic feed.

Use Hashtags in Your IG Posts

Make yourself a coffee cup and sit down as we will discuss how to grow Instagram followers using hashtags.

You probably already know that hashtags are essential to make your posts more discoverable and bring your target audience’s attention to the posts. When researched and used correctly, hashtags can soar your post reach. A perfect union of popular and targeted hashtags is the magic sauce to getting your posts noticed.

Research both types of hashtags and make use of it in your captions. While Instagram allows using 30 hashtags in one post, a more professional and less spammy way is to sprinkle 10-15 hashtags.

Though this process requires a lot of time and patience, it is worth taking the pain. Otherwise, if you want to take a less tiring route, check out our Instagram services to buy real Instagram followers.

Follow other Profiles

Following others’ profiles is a pretty old and straightforward trick to boost your engagement and make your profile visible to their followers. Instagram’s algorithm favours accounts that keep themselves and their audience active and engaged for extended periods.

Your posts find a way to the feeds of your followers and those who you are following. It is a no-brainer trick to use if you are looking for how to increase my Instagram followers.

Stay Active on Your Instagram Account

If you want to get to the bottom of how to instantly get more followers on Instagram, you need to remember this one by heart. Instagram is a business, and to earn profits, and it hopes to keep its users as active as possible.

As already mentioned in the above point, its algorithm favours accounts that remain active for a longer time. And if you can get Instagram work in your favour, nothing can stop you from getting a massive number of followers.

Get Creative With Interesting Captions

Writing an exciting caption is easy. It just requires some thoughts and smart use of words. Why do celebrities leave the caption blank or with a few emojis to go with the post if it is that easy yet crucial?

Well, they can get away with it as they have the reach already. Us marketers, rising artists, and upcoming influencers must work on creating meaningful interactions.

A catchy caption can build more engagement, get more likes, boost followers. Let us tell you the secret ingredients to create good captions.

An engaging caption contains elements of authenticity and storytelling. It is reasonably long, offers value to the reader, and prompts to take immediate action. It brings us to our next trick on how to gain more followers on Instagram.

Remember to Use Calls to Action

Don’t forget to include call-to-action (CTA) in your profile, posts, and videos. Having a call-to-action in captions is mandatory to drive actions from your content. It encourages building a healthier and more interactive relationship with your audience.

A well-articulated CTA is a powerful way to increase engagement on your posts, start a conversation, and promote your website visits.

This trick on how to get followers on Instagram fast is our favourite. People are more likely to comment on your posts if you leave a hint of what to write.

Run Viral Instagram Contests to Boost Engagements

Asking Instagram users to compete or calling for action is one of the fun ways to boost engagement on your profile. We found out that hosting giveaway contests is an effective way to interact and engage with your audience.

These giveaways usually generate more comments and hence, attract a lot of traffic. We guess now you know how to gain Instagram followers in 2021, right?

Increase Your IG Followers Instantly With Instant Star Services

Needless to say that metrics like followers do count and are crucial to making your account rise and shine.

Hope you have got your answers on how to gain followers on Instagram. However, unless you have a community, it can take months of consistent effort to build an Instagram audience. In case you want to shoot for stars quickly, you can buy Instagram followers from Easy Email. And supercharge your Instagram followers rate.


Q: Who has the most followers on Instagram 2021?
A: As of February 2021, the most-followed individual is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 262 million followers.

Q: Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer?
A: The currently highest-paid Instagrammer is Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson. He earns up to a whopping $1,015,000 for a sponsored post.

Q: What happens when you get 1000 followers on Instagram?
A: When you get 1000 followers, you get many ways to monetise your videos.

Q: Is posting once a day on Instagram too much?
A: We recommended you to post at least once per day and not more than three times per day on Instagram.

Q: How many followers do you need to get verified on Instagram?
A: You’ll need at least 10,000 followers to get verified on Instagram.