How To Make Instagram Account Private?

  1. How To Make Instagram Account Private

Searching on the internet, How To Make Instagram Account Private? It is a good idea if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy the idea of strangers eyeing up your intimate pics meant to be shared with your friends and family.

What can you do about it? We will help you out.

Since its creation, Instagram has evolved to become the world’s best platform for sharing visuals and interesting content. Naturally, many businesses also use this fantastic social medium to connect with their audience. If you don’t own a business account and grabing massive public attention is not on your mind, you can instantly set your Instagram account to Private.

Read on to know which option is best for you and how to make Instagram private.

Which Is Good? Instagram Account Public Or Private?

When you create an account on Instagram, you have two choices. Either keep the account Private, or anyone can view it. If you set your account to Public, both the mobile app or the Web users can see all your posts and content. And if you set them to Private, only pre-approved followers have access to it.

A Public account makes it easier for others to discover your feed and get a look-see at what you have posted. On the other hand, a Private feed gives you more control and protects your pictures.

Keeping it public or private boils down to your personal choice.

Of course, both options have some pros and cons at the same time. You can decide on it as per your personal preferences and objectives to be on Instagram.

Why To Make Instagram Account Private?

There are a lot of rationales to make your Instagram account private. Maybe you are a person who doesn’t like the idea of being in the public gaze. Or perhaps the unwanted attention you’re getting with your latest Instagram posts is alarming you.  Or you want to keep your privacy protected from online risks and avoid spambots.

The reason can be anything, but you have every right to protect your privacy. If you ask yourself whether or not you should keep your Instagram private, here are some reasons to help you decide.

Making your Instagram account privates helps you:

Hide your private life from future employers/employees – Your work is not defined by how you enjoy your Friday nights and weekdays. So there is no reason to feel exposed and insecure by it. You can keep your social life private to avoid the judging eyes of your employer.

Prevent Images theft – Your pictures and other content is easily accessible on Instagram. You can keep control over your photos/content to yourself by using this privacy feature. Go Private.

Protect your account for hackers and Impersonators – It’s not difficult to create fake profiles on Instagram. Many asocial elements can break your privacy and easily steal your information. Keeping your account privates lowers the risk of scams and cybercrime.

If you feel that too much information is out there in Public, check these simple steps on how do you make Instagram account private now.

How To Make Instagram Account Private?

Answers to how do I make my Instagram private is fairly easy. Do as instructed below to turn the Instagram account privacy.

To set your account to private on your Android or iOS device from Instagram App:

  1. Open Instagram App, tap avatar icon in the bottom left corner
  2. On the profile page, then tap .
  3. Tap Settings at the bottom.
  4. Choose Privacy > Account Privacy.
  5. Tap the toggle next to Private Account to make your account private.

To set your account to private on your computer or mobile browser:

  1. Go to on your computer or mobile browser.
  2. Click , then click .
  3. Click Privacy and Security.
  4. Below Account Privacy, click to tick the box next to Private Account

And you are done! Easy enough?

Pro & Con Of Making Instagram Account Private?

If you are trying to find how to make your Instagram account private, it isn’t that difficult. You can easily turn the settings off to make your account private. But, the harder is to engage your audience and attract new followers for your business.

Here are a few pros and cons to understand the best option for your account.


Let us start with the pros!

  1. You will have complete control over who sees your content.
  2. No or low chances of harassment/ online trolling/ hacking your account.
  3. It becomes difficult to steal or repost your original content.


If, for the obvious reason,  you decide to private your Instagram account, bear these cons in mind.

  1. Targeting new customers becomes challenging as they can’t see your content.
  2. Your content won’t appear in the hashtag feed.
  3. Embedding links get removed. It prevents any potential engagement on the post via the embed.
  4. You can still run ads, but keeping your account private decreases the visibility and engagement.

Now you have the idea about “how to make my Instagram private” and the pros & cons of Privacy setting, decide for yourself which option is best for you.

If you are using Instagram for personal use and are concerned about security, then a private Instagram account is probably the answer. However, If you own a business and your goal is to grow your following and improve brand awareness, then a going public is perfect.

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