How To Set Up Instagram Shopping?

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If you sell products online and not using Instagram shopping, you are risking your chances to get a ton of business from Instagram. Think about it like this, a customer sees an item they like on your Instagram profile or post, but there’s no way for them to buy the item or link to your site, you risk losing that sale.

Instagram allows businesses and brands to tag products in their posts and stories. It is a great way to make a sale within the app. Rather than directing your customers from your Instagram account to your website, Instagram shopping provides a convenient way to select and purchase products directly from the app.

Wondering how to set up Instagram shopping and take advantage of it? Continue reading to know more.

Can We Do Shopping On Instagram?

Yes, it’s possible. You can now buy and sell products directly on Instagram.

To simplify the shopping process, improve the experience of the shoppers, and help sellers create a great storefront on the same platform, Instagram came up with Instagram Shopping.

Shopping on Instagram encourages businesses to choose photos they would like to promote and tag up to five products per image or twenty products per carousel. Shoppers can tap a shopping product tag to see more details, and a “Checkout on Instagram” option will appear.

They can purchase the product on the platform by selecting the product details preferred by them. Like any other eCommerce platform, you can complete the checkout process by entering the payment details. And that’s it!

Perks Of Shopping On Instagram

With more than 1 billion monthly users, your customers are already on Instagram, and you should too. 70% of shopping enthusiasts happily use Instagram for product discovery. More than 130 million users click on a shopping post at least once per month.

The opportunities are enormous.

Earlier, Instagram only helped promote your products and services, encouraging them to visit your website or brick-and-mortar shop. But, you may lose a lot of business in the process.

So, why not make your products more accessible so the user can discover and set up your brand with Instagram shoppable posts! The idea is simple: The fewer steps it requires to complete a purchase, the more likely people will complete it.

Makes sense?

Let’s find more perks for shopping on Instagram.

Easy Product Discoverability

It happens with most of us when we see a product while scrolling the social media feed that intrigues us. But, when it comes to searching for the same product on the website, you can’t find it. With Instagram Shopping, it is effortless to click on tags and explore the details of the product.

Direct Authentic Advertising

As buyers, people tend to trust the authenticity and rely heavily on user-generated content to make online purchase decisions rather than on advertised content. Having realistic pictures and aesthetic details with user reviews on a social media channel is a boon for shoppers.

Simple and Quicker Purchase Journey

By cutting the process short, Instagram addressed the major problem that customers dislike. Most people get annoyed following lengthy, click-after-click links to get what they are looking to buy. Having a shorter buying journey with secure checkout attracts more leads and conversion opportunities.

Overall Improved User Experience

In the end, Instagram shopping is an attempt to provide its users with an improved and optimum shopping experience. Customers are incredibly crucial for any business, and making them happy is the ultimate goal of brands.

Can I Set Up My Shop On Instagram?

Yes! It is easy to set up shop on Instagram, but there are a few requirements that the sellers must meet to get the Instagram Shopping option available for them.

To sell directly through Instagram, your company should have an approved shopping feature. Check the requirements below to get approved for this fantastic feature.

You need to set your Instagram account to Business Profile. Be an admin on a Page or Business Manager account.

It would help if you connected Instagram Business Profile to a Facebook catalog. You can create a Facebook catalog on Facebook quickly by yourself. Go to the Business Manager or use the platforms BigCommerce and Shopify to create the list.

The company should have registered offices in one of the countries approved for Instagram shopping.

The products you are selling must be physical goods that comply with Instagram’s trading guidelines and terms of use and the guidelines for traders.

Methods To Set Up Instagram Shopping

Before we get to how to set up Instagram Shop, you need to meet the eligibility and get approval from Instagram to proceed. Here is what you should do.

Turn on Instagram Shopping in the Instagram App Go to your profile and tap

Tap Settings Tap Business.

Tap Shopping. (Note: The option to tap Shopping is only available to accounts that have been approved for Instagram Shopping, you need to get the approval otherwise). Tap Continue

Select a product catalog to connect to your professional account. Tap Done.

To tag your products in the posts: Select a photo you want to post

Add a caption, effects, and filters (as per your preference).

Tap the products in the photo that you want to tag. To preview posts or save a draft of a Post, click Preview Tagged Products or Save Draft, under the Tag People and Tag Products section.

Please enter the names of the products, then select them as they appear in the search box.

Tap Done and Share.

You can tag products in both your new or existing posts in your Instagram business profile. You are allowed to tag up to 5 products per single-image post or 20 products per multi- image (carousel) post.

How To Promote My Shop On Instagram?

Now, you know how to set up an Instagram shop, and the next step is to ace the promotion game. Here, we are sharing some tips to promote your store on Instagram.

  1. Use stunning visuals to attract customers.
  2. Make use of relevant hashtags to increase your product discoverability.
  3. Share your sale or promotional codes on Instagram posts to get more leads.
  4. Smartly use videos and stories to showcase your products, features, and quality.
  5. Share user-generated content and encourage your customers to tag your products when they post on Instagram.

Instagram Shopping has immense potential to make your business grow manifolds if you know how to use it properly. Dive into this feature and set up your shop on Instagram to get maximum exposure and sales.

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