How to Use Instagram Baby Filters? (2020 Tips)

  1. How to Use Instagram Baby Filters
  2. Instagram Baby Filters

Remember when we all went wild over the puppy filter on Snapchat?

Well, it did something to our minds at that time. Since it was rolled out in early 2016, there has been a massive uproar that increased our interest using filters every day– especially on Instagram.

Stories have a special place in people’s minds and hearts. Whether it’s for the spontaneity, these bring in our routine usage of Instagram or the ways it magically allows us to merge art and technology. Or possibly, the very fleeting nature of these stories that brings the more realistic and natural instinct in us. It all resonates so well with the people and makes it popular among its users.

How to Use Instagram Baby Filters

How to Use Instagram Baby Filters

With the popular trend of social media relevance, almost all influencers, artists, and businesses are jumping to use it to its advantage. But, what are these Instagram filters and how you can make the best out of it?

Let’s find out!

What are the Instagram baby filters?

Instagram filters are face filters using augmented reality (AR) effects that you can layer on your actual photos and videos.

Instead of just sharing a selfie or other Instagram photo, you can add puppy ears, hearts or apply the young filter on Instagram to make it look more fun. Augmented reality (AR) and custom filters are the next big thing in photo-sharing space, offering users great tailored experiences.

The latest babyface on Instagram filter swaps your adult face with a smooth round face like that of a young baby version of you. This has become a new social media trend where netizens can now see themselves and celebrities in their childhood avatar, all over the internet.

Effects after using Instagram Baby Face Filter

Instagram is now swarmed with the thousands of filters that you can use for your everyday stories and take advantage of the trendy filters to grab more eyeballs.

Find yourself a relevant filter that goes in sync with your brand personality and its content. Look for the new Instagram baby filters to add cuteness and creativity at the same time.

You don’t have to make a kitten your company mascot to take advantage of “the baby trend.” Just use some baby filters on your brand members and ask your followers to post their pictures using a baby filter and repost them in your stories.

There are plenty of other ways you can use cuteness to expand your business, go viral on social media, or improve your next marketing campaign. You can even create a branded baby filter with Spark AR Studio for your audience and encourage them to use it.

You don’t need to be an expert to create AR effects baby filters for Instagram Stories. There are several useful guides by Facebook to get you started. You can also take inspiration from other filter makers before you create your baby filters.

This is a way to increase your interactions with the audience and lure more followers using this cute trend.

Benefits of Using IG baby filters

Let us ask you!

What is the cutest thing you have ever seen?b

Odds are a baby, a kitten, a cute puppy, or something else relatively adorable and small. There’s something about seeing cute babies that just makes our day a little brighter. If you have noticed, there is a surge in baby characters in movies and TV, and there seems to be a reason behind it.

Babies are cute. Babies are adorable. First, Snapchat and recently, Instagram has thought to cash in on this trend to evoke emotions and increase engagement.

Don’t believe us? As per research, only looking at something cute can trigger feelings of attention and affection. The positive response we receive from looking at cute babies and animals is what draws us toward them, to begin with!

And, what is cuter than seeing your favorite celebs and yourself using these baby filters?

You can share your photos and stories with Instagram baby filters and take advantage of its charm.  Try it yourself, these are damn fun!

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Steps to Use Baby Filters on Instagram

What to know how to use baby filter Instagram? It’s easy to access your Instagram baby filters.

Here are Instagram’s instructions to get one yourself:

  • Tap on the camera to create a new Story.
  • Swipe left at the bottom of the screen and pick an effect.
  • Tap on the little arrow at the bottom, along with the name of the filter.
  • Now, choose ‘browse more effects’ to search for baby filters.
  • Type ‘baby’ in the search box.

Now you can select any of the filters available. Tap on the filter you like to try it yourself.

Boom! You have found a sea of Instagram baby filters. Keep trying baby filters until you find the one you love.

Once you’ve chosen the filter, tap on it to take a photo or hold to take a video. You should be able to see the filter that you’ve selected.

The most amazing thing is that you can swipe the filters and continue trying them all until you are satisfied with the result.

Did you know you can create your personal Instagram filters too? Yes, exactly.

Facebook rolled out custom AR filters in 2019 with the Spark AR Studio platform. (It creates new filters for Facebook)

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone feeling creative and adding their personality. But also for brands who want to make the most out of stories.

Augmented reality is bringing a whole new dimension to life, and it can help brands stand out. Since the public launch of Spark AR Studio, many brands have created baby face on Instagram using favorite marvel characters. They started a meme fest with it, and the results are hilarious!

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