How to Use Instagram Face Filters? (2021 Tips)

  1. How to Use Instagram Face Filters
  2. Instagram Face Filters

Augmented reality has been around for some time now. AR’ face filters’, a mask-like augmented reality that adds virtual objects and distortions to people’s faces, have become crazy popular on Instagram, Snapchat, and even video calling Apps.

Instagram users and even brands using these filters can tap into a moment of extreme relevance as they are trending and reactive.

But do these Instagram face filters have a positive impression on Instagram accounts to grow the audience? And if yes, how can you use them to your benefit?

Keep reading to get all your questions answered.

Benefits of Instagram Face Filters

They use these filters to show you different characters with their AR technology. Face filters like Disney characters, babyface filters, and other interesting ones are considered fun and help gain engagement.

These face filter on Instagram are a fun way to increase brand awareness and engage with your audience. They can present your business to new followers and help existing followers get to know you better and interact with you more.

Check out the Instagram face filters list available in the app or go to the creators’ specific accounts to use the face filters yourself.

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Ways to Use IG Face Filters

Instagram face filters are a rage. Influencers to ordinary users, from celebrities to artist, are drooling over these Instagram filters each day. If you also wish to jump on the bandwagon and make most out of Instagram face filters, check these easy ways to use them.

  • Open Instagram App.
  • Use face filters in your story: Swipe right from your Instagram feed or get to the Stories camera.
  • To use face filters Instagram profile feed: Create your new post and open the Instagram camera.
  • In the bottom-right corner, tap the face icon with sparkles.
  • Face filters will appear on the bottom of your screen. Tap the one you would like to use.
  • Tap the white circle to take a picture or hold it to take a video.

And there you have it!

Make Your IG Profile More Attractive Using Instagram Face Filters

Face filters are thoroughly enjoyable and magically transform your otherwise dull stories into a work of art. They create filters from a variety of colours and effects.

Using these easily accessible filters, people can express themselves by taking the role of so many characters. You can add a new flair to your feed and create curiosity among other Instagram users.

With little creativity and these filters, you can transform your Instagram account more appealing and eye-catching.

Try is once! But, beware as these are addictive too!

How to Fix Instagram face filters not working?

If you are trying to create an Instagram story and couldn’t find all the face filters list or other options usually there, you are not alone. Let’s head to some of the quick fixes if your Instagram face filters not showing.

Clean out the trash.

Just clean your phone out! Delete all the unnecessary apps.
Free up space in your phone and shut down the app running in the background.
It might not fix the issue entirely, but removing the junk for your phone will help run the app properly.

Restart the App

Restarting the app always works for many issues.

  • If you have an iPhone, just closing it is enough.
  • Android users will need to go to Settings, Apps, and Force Close within Instagram to get the full effect. It will fully restart the app and fix all kinds of errors that you might not have even noticed.

Reboot Your Phone

If you restarted the app and still Instagram face filters not working, try rebooting your phone. It can free up RAM, force clear some of the app’s cache, and help your phone OS reload it again.

Clear the App Cache

If the issue persists, try clearing the app cache yourself.

  • Select Settings, then go to the Apps.
  • Go to Instagram and then Storage.
  • Tap on Clear Cache

Once you clear up the cache, open your Instagram app, and it should start working.

Update Instagram

If it doesn’t work even after the above fixes, you should check if your app is updated or not.
Sometimes, after the update is released, old feature hit snags.
Update the app if there is an update available in the Play Store or the App Store.

Reinstall Instagram

If the Instagram face filters didn’t reappear, you should try and reinstall your app as a last resort.

  • Go to settings, but make sure to back up any photos, stories and anything else you have within the app and uninstall it.
  • Reboot your phone to clear the app from memory.
  • Visit the Play Store or App Store, select Instagram and Install it.
  • Set the App setting again, and the face filter should return in your app.

Hope it helps! All the best.


Q: Why can’t I use filters on an Instagram video call?
A: Just make sure your app is updated, and the new feature will be available immediately.

Q: How to add stickers to Instagram Stories?
A: There are numerous stickers you can use in Instagram stories. They are in the stickers section that appears after uploading a photo or video.

Q: How do you remove filters on Instagram?
A: Tap on Manage, and you’ll access your customisation options for filters. You can uncheck the circle to the right of a filter to disable it and hide it from the filter options scroll-through menu.

Q: How do you put filters on your Instagram camera roll?
A: Upload any photo or video in your Instagram Story and tap the smiley face icon. It will take you to a filter-picking screen where you can choose any animation and apply it to the existing video/image.

Q: Do you get paid for making Instagram filters?
A: No, they are not. The best way to monetise your filters is to approach real brands and pitch your services.