How to Use Instagram Old Person Filters? (2021 Tips)

  1. How to Use Instagram Old Person Filters

If you don’t know how to use ‘How old I look?’, the viral Instagram ageing filter, we have got your back. You seemed to have clicked on a right link to get your every query answered.

Just take a back seat, relax and let us make you a pro in using this Instagram filter.

This augmented reality trendy filter is everywhere, making a big splash among many celebs like Cheryl and other Instagrammers alike. There’s a good chance that if you are active on social media, on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook in the slightest, you have come across photos of your friends looking a lot older or people sharing their ages as they look.

Yes, you guessed it right! The AR technology is taking social media by storm- especially the old filter on Instagram. Please continue reading to know what it is and how can you use it for your Instagram stories.

What are Instagram ageing filters?

Instagram filters are widely used and shared on different social media platforms in day to day life. Since its AR filters launch, you will witness a new Instagram filter popping up and raging almost every day.

Instagram AR filters are easy to use and swift effects used to enhance your photos before posting. Each Instagram filter is a combination of different products that give your regular images and videos an aesthetic and playful twist.

British singer and television personality Cheryl recently gave this new Old Person filter a turn. We must say that the 36-year-old was less than thrilled with her results as the filter added 11 years to her life by guessing her age as 47.
Of course, results were not scientific and completely random, but it is great fun. For anyone who would enjoy having their age and looks guessed by an augmented reality filter, using it is a piece of cake.

Effects after using Instagram Old Person filters

Whether you are using Instagram old person filter or any other viral Instagram filter, they introduced this filter to keep you and your Instagram followers engaged. It helps the content creators and businesses make their audience ask for more and keep coming back to their profiles.

If used well, they can earn you an army of new followers. If you can increase your engagement rate and visibility using Instagram filters, nothing can impede your Instagram growth.
Instagram age filters are a glorious opportunity to step up your game a notch. Many marketers are adapting their strategies and making the best use of these Instagram filters.

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Benefits of Using IG ageing filters

The most amazing and best benefit of using this Instagram old filter or any other filter is getting attention. If you are among the few first to use this filter, you get more chances to grab eyeballs. Who knows, using this filter can pave your profile’s way to the Explore page within a few hours.

Plus, this filter is a lot of fun and entertaining. In a way, it helps you pleasantly engage your existing audience. Seeing the effect of such filters, more and more brands are coming forward and using it for their marketing purposes.
You can start a challenge by asking your followers to post their stories using this Instagram old filter and ask them to challenge their friends too. You can repost the most interesting ones in your stores. How fun is that?

Steps to Use Instagram Old Person filters

Using the old person filters is quite simple and a lot of fun. Check these steps to use old
person filter Instagram in your stories.

  • Before going further, ensure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device.
  • Tap on the explore icon represented by a magnifying glass and search for @ferdaysss’ profile for ‘How old do I look?’ filter.
  • Now, tap on the effects or filter icon (the face icon with sparkles above the feed).
  • Here, you will find your Instagram age filter. Tap on it and then tap again on ‘Try it’ or ‘save this effect’ to use it later via your in-app camera.

However, if you wish to use another old man filter Instagram that makes you look like an aged person, follow these steps.

  • Go to your stories camera.
  • Swipe left until you reach ‘more effects’ at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap on the search option and type ‘old’ in the effects gallery to find the filters. Here, you see Old by irina_maski or any other creator’s filter that turns your photo into an old-looking version of yourself.
  • Click on it and then ‘Try it’ or ‘save this effect’.

Voila! You have your old filter Instagram that you can share in your stories with your friends and followers.


Q: What is the vintage filter everyone uses on Instagram?
A: Onuchina is an excellent Instagram Stories filter to give your photos an old-school “downgrade”.

Q: What filters does Kardashians use?
A: Probably, Kim uses quite a few photo editing techniques to achieve the retro look on her photos. Apps like Perfect365, VSCO, and Huji Cam are a few photo editing and photo filter apps you might want to use.

Q: How do you sell presets on Instagram?
A: To sell your Mobile presets, you need to create them by editing a cover photo in Lightroom and then exporting that cover photo in DNG format. You can sell this format files by posting posts on Instagram.

Q: Do Instagram filters change your face?
A: There are user-made filters that alter your face more dramatically in just a swipe.

Q: How do you get funny filters on Instagram?
A: Search the creator of the filter you want to use to get to their IG profile or check for filters in browse effects.