How to Use Instagram Story Filters? (2020 Tips)

  1. How to Use Instagram Story Filters
  2. How to Use Instagram Story Filters

Looking for the complete guide and tips on Instagram story filters for your business? You are lucky enough to stumble across the right post.

Let’s get to it!

According to the data collected by Instagram, one-third of the most viewed Stories on the platform come from businesses. More than 200 million users visit at least one business account every day. These aren’t small numbers. And for this reason, more and more companies are inclining towards stronger social media strategies.

Companies are moving on from traditional marketing practices to the latest trends such as Instagram stories, AR story filters, and much more. If you also want to tap into the power of Instagram stories, you need to get on the trend immediately and exploit all the benefits to get an edge over the competition.

Let’s get the rundown on everything about Instagram story filters and why creating these filters customized for your brand may be the key to rising above the noise.

What are the Instagram Story Filters?

If you use Instagram for business, you are probably already aware that Instagram Stories is an effective way to engage with millennial users.  Marketers and influencers wanting to compete in their niche should keep up with the latest updates and strategies related to Instagram Stories.

Along with stories, Instagram has come up with stories filters. You can add numerous types of filters to your photos and videos. An Instagram Stories AR Filter is superimposing virtual computer-generated or video effects on top of a real-world image. It creates a combined image to give it a fun, creative look.

How to Use Instagram Story Filters

How to Use Instagram Story Filters

Did you know that there are thousands of awesome Instagram Stories filters hidden right inside the app?

Yes, you heard it

In addition to it, in May 2018,  Instagram set up a closed beta that allowed brands, public figures, celebrities, and other popular creators to make original face filters for their audience.

Think about these futuristic metallic AR overlays that modify a plastic, glossy rainbow veneer over your face. Or how about some flowers growing out of your eyes? This is the sci-fi renaissance that your Instagram stories have been waiting for for so long.

Effects after using Story Filters in Instagram

There are so many wonderful and fun Instagram Stories filters to use for your business. You just need to let your creativity flow!

The master trick is to choose new Instagram story filters that are a cohesive fit with your brand aesthetic. While crafting your Instagram stories, keep your brand’s goals and the other content you are posting on different platforms.

From the sea of amazing story filters, you will find something for your brand too. Once you find your perfect fit, you can start sharing your brand’s stories that resonate with your audience and see your followers count grow.

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Benefits of Using IG Story Filters

Since Instagram stories launched, they have taken the world by its horns and breathed a new life into the app. From a slight color filter to an entire augmented reality, there is a whole fun and creative world out there.

You can try artificial aviator sunglasses placed on your face or a cat filter to rival the beloved puppy dog filter; the choices are endless.

With the Spark AR Studio launch, you can create your own Instagram effects story as well. It is the same software that Facebook uses to create Instagram Filters in the first place. Isn’t it exciting?

You can post your brand stories with the filter and encourage your followers to try it out. Make it even more interactive and tempting for your followers, arrange more interactive communication, and ask them to tag their friends. You can even start reposting the stories of users who used your filters and tagged you.

This whole process increases your engagement with the audience and boosts your visibility.

How to Use Instagram Story Filters – Step by Step Guide

Remember, when Instagram stories came out, and we were so skeptical? Since then, Insta-stories have boomed in popularity. You can even access special Instagram filters story to up your selfie game or use them to create a story around your brand and products.

It is so easy to use!

Go into Instagram Stories, swipe, and go to the Stories camera.

At the bottom, you will see a face icon. If you have any new filters installed, you will see a blue dot by this face.

You can try whatever filters you want from the available options.

Click on browse more effects to check out all the filters. You just have to search for the filters by name in the search bar.

To access other creator’s filters:

  • Just head to the creator’s profiles.
  • Tap on the filters button on the top of the grid (the smiley face with the sparkles). This will enable you to see a preview of all of that creator’s filters.
  • It also allows you to try them on!
  • If you like the filter, you can hit the save button in the lower right-hand corner.

If you wish to create your brand filters, you can download the Spark AR Studio app, create a project from scratch, or build off one of eight existing templates.

List of Best IG Story Filters

Check out our list of best Instagram story filters and try it yourself to take your brand stories game a notch up.

#1. Breeze by Carmushka for Moody Aesthetic

#2. Retro Cam for retro mood

#3. ya.molli’s Milk*One for beach vibes

#4. Grainy III by nahir.esper for a grain effect

#5. Mood by diana_luchitskaya for the Fall look

#6. Rose by thesundaychapter for the golden glow

#7. Harry Potter Test by syilers for the Fan in you

#8. What Pokémon? by hughesp1 to check your alter Pokémon character

The choices are infinite. All you need is to explore the options and try your Instagram story filters.

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